Crafting Content

Here you’ll learn how to make your writing more strategic, more effective, and more compelling. In the simplest terms, our message is what we say and our voice is how we say it. Through our tone—informed by our brand personality traits and based on our creative platform—that our voice takes shape, expressing who we are in a way that’s unmistakably Pitt.

Narrative & Key Messages

Our thematic narrative sets the tone for our writing and brand language. Although it shouldn't be used word for word when communicating externally, use it as inspiration or a gut-check for sharing our story.

Writing Style

Voice gives our campaigns and communications a recognizable style—one that’s true to who we are. It’s also how we can convey our ethos of forging ahead, thoughtfully. 

Writing Frameworks

When writing headlines, we want to invoke the feeling and meaning of "Forge Ahead" without always saying it. We've established several frameworks to help you.

Writing Tips

Set the tone for our writing and brand language with these writing tips. But it's more than a set of poetic phrases; it encompasses our entire messaging strategy and sparks it to life.