Bringing it to Life

Here you will find every piece of our brand, using a combination of all these elements that making the brand real

Brand Trainings

Attend a Brand Training session to learn more about the branding initiative including the research and discovery phase, our brand drivers, personality, visual language, and examples of how we bring our brand to life!  Check for the next date and RSVP

Brand Web Standards

Websites published by academic and administrative units must adhere to Pitt’s brand standards for websites. These standards ensure our sites properly represent the University’s brand to audiences and provide a consistent and familiar user experience. 

More information including details on web brand standardsbest practices, web design themes, and forms to submit a request for help can be found on the University Communications website. 

Fact Sheet

The fact sheet is a one-page, double-sided PDF that you may print as needed. 

Licensing and Merchandising

The Office of University Communications & Marketing and Athletics work together to ensure the brand is properly used in licensing and merchandising. Visit the Licensing and Merchandising site for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the visual identity and the new brand.


Here you will find a list of terms referred to in our brand launch and their definitions.

Campus Signage

Facilities Management and the Office of University Communications are partnering to develop guidelines for campus signage.

Commencement Branding and Identity

Should I use the University seal or shield for commencement

Purchasing Clause

Use this clause when issuing purchase orders or contracts with external printers or graphic designers.


The Office of University Communications and Marketing (UCM) is driving on-brand content creation across the University by providing strategic access to Lucidpress, a web-based design and brand templating platform.