Writing Style

Voice gives our campaigns and communications a recognizable style—one that’s true to who we are. It’s also how we can convey our ethos of forging ahead, thoughtfully. Keep these tips in mind to make sure we're all writing with the same voice.

Be future-focused,
but not lofty.

We’re here to move forward
(some might say, forge ahead),
so messaging should reflect that momentum, even aspirationally when appropriate. It’s essential, however, to ground our aspiration and ambition in a way that feels attainable with our vast resources.

Be confident, 
but not arrogant.

We’re at a top institution earning the right to make compelling statements that showcase our talent and acumen—but that doesn’t mean we should, or need to be, unnecessarily boastful.

Be grounded in history,
but not bound by it.

We’re defined by our legacy, but
we’re not tethered to it.

Be tenacious, 
but not scrappy.

Tenacity is in our DNA and copy should reflect the ways in which we continuously move forward, regardless of setbacks. It should never come across as scrappy or unintentional, reflecting, at all times, the finesse in which we do things.