Shield and Signature

The Institutional Mark, shield and signature, is the preferred identity for the University of Pittsburgh. It pairs the refined shield from the University seal with a sophisticated serif to pay respect to our heritage in a simplified, modern way. The full color version of the logo is available for download but users must follow the guidelines on this website. 

University of Pittsburgh Shield and Signature

It’s important to have a versatile logo system that can accommodate a range of applications. To account for this, a number of color options have been created. These are the only approved versions of the logo.

Full Color

Whenever possible, default to the full color versions. Pantone, CMYK, and RGB versions exist, so use the one that’s most appropriate for the application.

full color logos

One Color

one color logo


It’s important that the logo always be used correctly. The logo should be prominent and legible, using proper spacing and sizing.

Incorrect Usage

To ensure consistent use of the logo, here are some practices to avoid.

examples of incorrect usage

  • Don't' skew or bend the logo in any way
  • Don't use drop shadows or other visual effects
  • Don't use the logo on a background with insufficient contrast
  • Don't use any colors other than those specified on this site
  • Don't outline the logo
  • Don't add elements to the logo


Spacing and Sizing

The institutional mark must be prominent and legible, so keep these considerations in mind when using it in layout.

Clear Space

Ensure that other elements don’t compete with the logo by allowing a minimum amount of space around the perimeter, measured with the height of the “P” in Pittsburgh. This applies to all versions of the logo.

Example of Spacing

Minimum Size

Refer to these minimum sizes when creating designs to ensure that the logo’s details don’t get lost.

minimum sizing example


Use this shield logo as a decorative element only in communications with audiences who are already familiar with University of Pittsburgh. The same rules for color, spacing, and application apply to this as outlined for the full logo. The shield is a popular option for merchandise. This PDF illustrates options for jackets with the shield using Cooper Hewitt font below and this can be applied to other merchandise as well. 

shield examples

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