Printed Cards

  1. Scroll through the holiday print card document to select your greeting card. Each card has a corresponding number to make ordering easy.

  2. Standard University of Pittsburgh purchasing practices apply. To place the order, you first will need to create and submit a purchase order in Panther Express.  If you are not a Panther Express user, please reach out to your office manager or Purchase, Pay and Travel representative. When completing the purchase order, you will need to select Alpha Graphics as the print vendor and enter a project description and the projected cost. Here are quotes for standard quantities.

  • 50 cards and envelopes = $213.35
  • 100 cards and envelopes = $261.96
  • 250 cards and envelopes = $406.38
  • 500 cards and envelopes = $636.87

Quotes for non-standard quantities can be provided upon request.

3. Email Ali Faga ( or Rich Cichoski ( and include:

  • The design number of the card you have selected
  • The quantity of cards you are requesting
  • The name of the card signee and (optional, of course) a high-resolution signature of the signee, saved as an image file. This can be done on any iPhone. Have the signee sign their name in black pen on white paper. Open “Notes” and create a new note. Tap the camera icon. Center your signature in the frame and tap “Scan Documents.” If the scan doesn’t begin automatically, press the shutter button. Finally, save or rescan and save the signature. When you send the file, choose the largest size option.
  • Your purchase order number
  • You also will need to provide a return address for the envelope. The envelope design will include the shield and signature; however, you will need to provide the information that will accompany the mark. Please use the example below as a guide.

Return Address Example