When it’s used thoughtfully, typography becomes a powerful brand tool that can add visual meaning to what we say. Pitt’s typography communicates clearly and cleanly, with enough flexibility for a wide range of situations.

Leading and Tracking

Line spacing, called leading, is critical to setting professional-looking type that’s easy to read. Leading should be set tight, but not too tight.

Urban Textures

Using textures inspired by Pittsburgh’s urban landscape, we pay homage to the grit and resilience of the Pitt community and the connection to our home city.

Framing Devices

This technique is used to show the tension and movement between Pitt’s history-making achievements and our forward-looking energy.

Monotone Photo Overlays

Montone images can be paired with portraits to tell a deeper story, or paired with a solid primary color to add depth to backgrounds.

Die Lines, Arrows and Accent Marks

Simple rules are used to illustrate movement and connection, adding an elegant element to layouts as they interact with typography and photography.