Brand In Video

Following are excellent examples of how to showcase the brand in video production. Some of these videos were done by our in-house team and some were not. Regardless of the production they all embody our brand personality and do a great job of infusing the brand elements in video.

Brand Narrative

The Brand Narrative video is a :52 video that encapulsates our brand essence in short form. Take note of the photography, on screen text, and graphic elements. 

Brand Narrative video :52

Brand Narrative

Brand campaign :30 spot

2022 Brand Campaign Spot :30

Brand campaign :15 spot

2022 Brand Campaign Spot :15

Proud Partner of the ACC

2022 ACC Spot

2021 ACC spot

2019 ACC spot

Alyson Stover profile

Alyson Stover profile

Pitt Day of Giving

Seal to Shield video

From Seal to Shield