Visual Identity

This section contains guidance for using our logos, marks and colors. They represent Pitt to the outside world, helping to identify and unify our brand. Because our visual identity represents the University at the very highest level, it's vital to our brand. Use the decision tree from the Brand Guidelines to determine the best mark based on your use. 

This At-a-Glance Guide illustrates key details for Pitt logos and includes examples of how to use the visual identity. 

Institutional Marks

The institutional mark (shield and signature) is the preferred identity for the University of Pittsburgh.

Pitt Logo

The Wordmark is an informal mark and may be used in place of the institutional mark in promotional materials. It is designed for audiences that are already familiar with the University, and internal or regional audiences.

Pitt wordmark

The Spirit mark is the official logo of Pitt Athletics teams and a registered mark of the University. Outside of Athletics, the Script Pitt is used as a non-academic spirit mark. A logo usage guide is available online with a link to download files. 

Pitt spirit mark

Color Palettes

Our color palette is made up of three layers: primary, secondary and accent palette; multiple-color option. Communications should lean heavily on the primary palette, but may use the palettes to keep layouts from becoming too stale or one-dimensional.

Choosing the Right Mark

The Brand Guidelines include a decision tree that provides guidance on choosing the right mark. Any member of the University community can use the formal institutional mark. Download the decision tree for more details. 

choosing the right mark decision tree

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