Writing Tips

The creative platform is inspiring, and it sets the tone for our writing and brand language. But it’s more than a set of poetic phrases: It encompasses our entire messaging strategy and sparks it to life. Although we don’t use this language word for word when communicating externally, we can use it as inspiration or a gut-check for sharing our story.

3 Things to Aim For

Be bold, confident and optimistic.

We have a tendency to shy away from sharing our accomplishments, but it’s possible to own the things we do well without sounding boastful or arrogant. Your messaging should tell the story of Pitt with genuine pride.

Tie hard work to outcomes.

Don’t forget to balance our new confidence with the benefits of our strong work ethic. We can make bold, impressive claims because we’ve put in the work.

Show, don’t tell. 

Whenever possible, give concrete examples. It’s more powerful to show experiences through storytelling and first-person narratives than it is to explain experiences in depth.

3 Things to Watch Out For

Avoid clichés. 

There are so many distinctive and compelling things about Pitt—trite phrases will only dilute your message. Use the messaging map to highlight a unique benefit and find a unique Pitt way to tell the world. 

Don’t be afraid to commit.

In the past, we determined who we were by what we weren’t. We were neither this nor that. Today, we want to proudly declare who we are and what we stand for.

Don’t forget our past— but don’t rely on it. 

It’s okay to refer to our history, and the legitimacy it gives us, but don’t let it define us. This also applies to using statistics and numbers: They’re important, but only when we show how they move us forward and inform where we’re going next.