Color Palettes

Beyond our logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of our brand identity. Colors have been selected through our research that reflect our innovation, leadership and discovery spirit. Using color appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure our materials reflect a cohesive Pitt brand.

Our color palette is made up of three layers: primary, secondary and accent palette; multiple-color option. Communications should lean heavily on the primary palette, but may use the palettes to keep layouts from becoming too stale or one-dimensional.

Primary Palette

Our primary colors are Pitt Royal and Pitt Gold. Layouts should lean heavily on these colors, mixing with the other palettes for color schemes that are complementary and balanced.

Secondary Palette

These neutral hues pair perfectly with the primary palette. Due to their subdued nature, overpowering the primary set is less of a concern.

Accent Palette

Although our primary palette should lead in most materials, certain instances require additional options. For those circumstances, we have this accent palette.

Palette Flexibility

This is a guide for the overall mood or tone of our communications. The components of our palettes can range from sophisticated to casual and from subdued to vibrant.