Brand Web Standards

Websites published by academic and administrative units must adhere to Pitt’s brand standards for websites. These standards ensure our sites properly represent the University’s brand to audiences and provide a consistent and familiar user experience. 

The official Pitt logo must appear at the top of each page in the header element. The header may not be edited, resized, or include additional elements. It must include the correct margins and spacing. No other marks may appear above, adjacent to, or on the same horizontal plane as the University seal and signature. Attributes of the header include:

Official Web version of University shield and signature justified left. The display width for the shield and signature is 290px by 42px. 
Text links, in the approved style, may appear justified to the right. Among these links should appear a link to the University top page at

The title of the site must appear in the font Cooper Hewitt. Unique unit logos are not permitted in the header space without permission from University Communications. The site title may include two lines of text in order to accommodate a stacked title or the name of a parent unit. These must follow the appropriate size and spacing. 

More information including details on web brand standardsbest practices, web design themes, and forms to submit a request for help can be found on the University Communications website.