Detail photography is a great way to highlight Pitt's many unique aspects. We can highlight our processes, tools, and achievements. The goal here is to capture some of the small things that contribute to a bigger picture. When photographing around campus, it's always a good idea to zoom in and snag a few shots of what makes the composition unique. People can be present, but the focus should be less on the individual and more about what they're doing or what they're interacting with, at a much closer level. In layouts, these detail images should be paired with other images to tell the full story of process and journey. These are also the type of photos that would be used for layering monotone treatment.


Close up of microchipClose-up of hardware

Petri dishesErvin Sedjic looking at a glowing tube

Occupational therapyIntricate woodwork of a pew




3-D printer printing Cathedral of Learning