Photography plays an important role in our brand communications because it tells our story visually. Although our words are compelling, images offer powerful proof of what we say. For this reason, photographs should be carefully selected to match our messaging, and they should always feel authentically like Pitt.


Our approach to photography pulls images from several different categories that work together to tell a fuller story.


The use of portraiture puts a human face to our University. When capturing photos effects, the focus should be the individual.


Images in this action-oriented category capture the Pitt work ethic both inside and outside the classroom.


Detail photography is a great way to highlight Pitt's many unique aspects. We can highlight our processes, tools and achievements.


These textural photos should always be used in series of images that show parts of the process, where they help tell a more comprehensive story.


The urban vibrancy of Pitt's campus is something to show off, and these images paint the picture of what our campus community looks like.