Color Palettes

Beyond our logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of our brand identity. Colors have been selected that re ect our bold, diverse community. Using color appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure our materials reflect a cohesive Pitt brand.

Our color palette is made up of three layers: primary, secondary, and accent palette; multiple color option. Communications should lean heavily on the primary palette, but may use the palettes to keep layouts from becoming too stale or one-dimensional.


A robust color palette provides many design options, but we must exercise thoughtful consideration and restraint to make sure we don’t lose our visual identity. Here’s a general guide for making effective choices as you use color in compositions. This isn’t meant to imply a strict mathematical distribution of the colors on the page; rather, these ratios should help your layout pass a squint test.

Primary Palette: Contemporary Colors

Our primary colors are Pitt Royal and Pitt Gold. Layouts should lean heavily on these colors, mixing with the other palettes for color schemes that are complementary and balanced.

Pitt Royal

CMYK 100  75   0   6
RGB 0  53  148
HEX #003594

Pitt Gold


CMYK 0  31   98   0
RGB 255  184  28

Primary Palette: Legacy Colors