Lucidpress FAQs

How does Lucidpress work?

Lucidpress is a Web-based design and brand templating program. It comes with a suite of generic templates and the flexibility to create new templates. The Office of University Communications and Marketing (UCM) has created many on-brand University of Pittsburgh design templates—posters, flyers, postcards, signs, and more—that serve as a design starting point for any Pitt school, department or unit. With a Lucidpress license, any end user can open a template and create!

Do I need to have a background in design to create something in Lucidpress?

No. If you start with the templates, you can make attractive and effective marketing materials without any design training. Once you’re logged in, you can watch tutorial videos or free user courses in the Help Center of Lucidpress to get acquainted.

What if I make a mistake?

It’s easy to make corrections in Lucidpress, and the platform offers robust tutorials in the Help Center. UCM also offers telephone and email-based tech support. Please contact us at or 412-624-5555.

Will someone approve my work?

When you believe your file is ready, you will choose to send it for approval. Most users should choose to send the file to Meghan Young at UCM, unless you’ve been assigned a different approver. We will not proofread your files (although you should be following the guidance in the University Writing Style Guide.) We will ensure that the integrity of the University’s branding and identity has been maintained before approving the file. If the file requires adjustments, it will be returned to you with a note of explanation. When the appropriate adjustments have been made, the file will be approved.

What if I want to print copies of something I design?

Lucidpress has print functionality. You can request print copies directly from Lucidpress or you can save your file as a pdf and provide it to another printer.

When logging in, I am being asked for my primary email address or account. What is that?

Your primary account was assigned by the University when first started working or attending school at Pitt. It has likely never changed and is usually in the format of You cannot login to Lucidpress with a personalized email address. These are often longer than eight characters and may contain a period, hyphen or underscore before the @ sign. Personalized accounts are often in the form of or If you’re unsure of your primary account, please contact your Responsibility Center administrator, or see a complete list.

Where can I get training in how to use Lucidpress?

Lucidpress offers a number of tutorial videos and free video user courses, as well as a robust Help Center. UCM will host additional trainings when needed. If you don’t find the training you need through the platform, please contact us at or 412-624-5555.

What if I need help or have a very specific question?

UCM offers telephone and email-based tech support. Please contact us at or 412-624-5555.

I really appreciate this tool! May I get licenses for several other members of my department?

UCM has invested in Lucidpress and makes an effort to share licenses where they will have the greatest impact. We monitor usage and demand on a quarterly basis and adjust licenses when necessary. If you’re interested in providing the tool for others in your department at an additional cost, please fill out the Lucidpress License Request form.